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–Tadas and Dana Dabšys

“Jonas Kulikauskas has a great exhibit at CSULA covering a sensitive topic in a respectful and dignified manner. The quotes from Holocaust victims paired with current photos really bring the issue to heart. We really enjoyed visiting and highly recommend it. Next time we are walking around Vilnius, we’ll look at it differently.”

–JR Curley

“Yesterday I experienced a friend and ex-colleagues incredibly powerful and moving art exhibit. If you get the chance, do view his exhibit. Educational, emotional, with eerie ties to current trends in shifting, modifying, and erasing history, it's an exhibit that has you thinking long after you experience it.”

–Andrea Giedraitis

“I highly recommend Jonas Kulikauskas’ photo/art exhibit, “I Often Forget” at the Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery at Cal State LA. A moving, humbling, historical, thought-provoking exhibition of what was once the Vilnius Ghetto.”

–Dr. Roland

“We also visited with some friends. Impressive and moving. Like it or not, its part of our nation's history.”
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